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Introduction of Pacific Sea Urchin

Pacific Sea Urchin Australia Pty Ltd is formed in 2013 with the goal to promote Australia Sea Urchin in both Australia and the rest of the world.

Since inceptions, PSU has worked with local divers & processors from NSW and Victoria harvesting Australia sea urchin from NSW and Victoria.

Throughout the years we have been working very hard to promote Australia sea urchin and in 2018 we opened the first Australia sea urchin restaurant name “Uni Boom Boom”. This restaurant is specifically introducing dishes incorporating the Australia sea urchin as the core ingredients.

There are currently 7 restaurants under Pacific Sea Urchin Australia group and is looking to expand nationwide and internationally.

In 2018 PSU started to work with Tasmania processor to include Tasmania sea urchin distributing both locally and internationally in the export market. Australia sea urchins were then marketed to Australia wide, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, USA, Singapore and Malaysia.

The year of 2019 PSU and Tasmania processor successfully marketed 500tonnes live weight Australia sea urchin which is then processed and packed into export trays. PSU then distribute this to Australia market and export them to the rest of the world.

In 2020, we are looking to expand the distribution networks aiming at China, South Korea, Taiwan and Dubai.

Create to Inspire

"Uni “roe” is often described as tasting like the sea without being fishy, a similar experience to eating caviar or briny oysters."

At Pacific Sea Urchin Australia, our Uni's have inspired the creation of many new and unique dishes that is served in many restaurants. With such high quality and fresh servings, customers can truly enjoy an experience that cannot be found in any other kind of dishes.

Our Uni can be served in platter or any combination dishes, as well as being eaten as a stand-alone plate.

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